Certified Marketer Course
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Certified Marketer Course

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# Start Date End Date Duration Location Registration
13 29/04/2024 03/05/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
14 27/05/2024 31/05/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
15 24/06/2024 28/06/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
16 22/07/2024 26/07/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
17 19/08/2024 23/08/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
18 16/09/2024 20/09/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
19 14/10/2024 18/10/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
20 11/11/2024 15/11/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
21 09/12/2024 13/12/2024 5 Days Live Online Training


 The Certified Marketer program is a comprehensive and specialized training designed to equip individuals with the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in the dynamic and competitive field of marketing. In today's fast-paced business landscape, effective marketing is essential for organizations to connect with their target audiences, build brand loyalty, and drive revenue growth. This program goes beyond the basics, delving deep into strategic marketing concepts, digital marketing techniques, consumer behavior analysis, and market research methodologies. Whether you're a seasoned marketing professional or looking to enter the field, the Certified Marketer program provides a structured path to becoming a proficient and industry-recognized marketer.

Course Objectives:

The primary objective of the Certified Marketer program is to empower participants with a comprehensive understanding of modern marketing principles and practices. By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Develop strategic marketing plans tailored to different industries and target markets.
  • Implement effective digital marketing campaigns across various online platforms.
  • Analyze consumer behavior and preferences to create impactful marketing strategies.
  • Utilize market research techniques to identify market trends and opportunities.
  • Optimize brand positioning, messaging, and communication strategies.
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts through relevant metrics and KPIs.
  • Stay updated with the latest marketing trends and emerging technologies.

Organization Benefit:

 Organizations that invest in sending their employees through the Certified Marketer program stand to gain significant benefits. Equipped with the latest marketing strategies and techniques, participants can contribute directly to the organization's growth and success. Improved marketing practices can lead to increased brand visibility, customer engagement, and ultimately higher revenues. Additionally, the organization will benefit from a workforce that possesses a deeper understanding of market dynamics, consumer behavior, and digital marketing, resulting in more informed decision-making and agile adaptation to industry changes.

Target Participants:

 The Certified Marketer program is designed for a diverse range of individuals who are passionate about excelling in the field of marketing. It is ideal for:

  • Marketing professionals seeking to enhance their skills and earn industry certification.
  • Recent graduates aiming to kickstart their marketing careers with a solid foundation.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to develop effective marketing strategies for their ventures.
  • Individuals transitioning to marketing roles from other fields, bringing a fresh perspective.
  • Marketing managers and executives aiming to stay updated with the latest marketing trends and strategies.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Marketing Fundamentals

  • Understanding the core concepts and principles of marketing.
  • Exploring the marketing mix: product, price, place, and promotion.

Module 2: Market Research and Consumer Insights

  • Conducting market research and analysis.
  • Analyzing consumer behavior and preferences.

Module 3: Strategic Marketing Planning

  • Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Defining target markets and positioning.

Module 4: Digital Marketing Essentials

  • Exploring digital marketing channels: social media, SEO, email marketing, etc.
  • Creating effective digital marketing campaigns.

Module 5: Brand Management and Communication

  • Building and managing a strong brand identity.
  • Crafting compelling brand messaging and communication strategies.

Module 6: Advertising and Promotion Strategies

  • Understanding advertising principles and tactics.
  • Designing and executing promotional campaigns.

Module 7: Marketing Metrics and Performance Measurement

  • Identifying key marketing metrics and KPIs.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Module 8: Emerging Trends in Marketing

  • Exploring the latest trends in marketing: influencer marketing, AI, content marketing, etc.
  • Adapting to the evolving marketing landscape.

Module 9: Ethical Considerations in Marketing

  • Understanding ethical dilemmas and responsible marketing practices.
  • Balancing business goals with ethical considerations.

Module 10: Capstone Project and Certification

  • Applying knowledge gained throughout the program to a practical marketing project.
  • Earning the Certified Marketer designation upon successful completion.

General Notes

  • All our courses can be Tailor-made to participants' needs
  • The participant must be conversant in English
  • Presentations are well-guided, practical exercises, web-based tutorials, and group work. Our facilitators are experts with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Upon completion of training the participant will be issued with a Foscore development center certificate (FDC-K)
  • Training will be done at the Foscore development center (FDC-K) centers. We also offer inhouse and online training on the client schedule
  • Course duration is flexible and the contents can be modified to fit any number of days.
  • The course fee for onsite training includes facilitation training materials, 2 coffee breaks, a buffet lunch, and a Certificate of successful completion of Training. Participants will be responsible for their own travel expenses and arrangements, airport transfers, visa application dinners, health/accident insurance, and other personal expenses.
  • Accommodation, pickup, freight booking, and Visa processing arrangement, are done on request, at discounted prices.
  • Tablet and Laptops are provided to participants on request as an add-on cost to the training fee.
  • One-year free Consultation and Coaching provided after the course.
  • Register as a group of more than two and enjoy a discount of (10% to 50%)
  • Payment should be done before commence of the training or as agreed by the parties, to the FOSCORE DEVELOPMENT CENTER account, so as to enable us to prepare better for you.
  • For any inquiries reach us at training@fdc-k.org or +254712260031
  • Website:www.fdc-k.org




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