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Agriculture professional short courses

# Course Event Title Duration Software Content
1 Climate Change Course 5 Days Case Studies
2 Climate Communication 10 Days Case Studies
3 Climate Change Science and Policy 10 Days Case Studies and Field studies
4 Establishing and Strengthening Farmer Organizations Course 5 Days
5 Sustainable Energy 10 Days Case Studies
6 Irrigation and Operational Maintenance Course 5 Days
7 Training on biogas plant construction and maintenance 15 Days practical Field visit
8 Agricultural Policy Framework for Development Course 5 Days Case Studies
9 Climate Resilience And Food Security Course 5 Days
10 Agricultural Infrastructure and food security development Course 10 Days Case Studies
11 Renewable Energy Fundamentals 10 Days Case Studies
12 Agricultural Supply Chain Management 5 Days Case Studies
13 Agri-Business, Enterprise Development and Market Linkage Course 5 Days
14 Training on Poultry Farming for Food Security and Poverty Eradication 5 Days Case studies and field visit
15 Climate Change and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) 10 Days GIS
16 Food Security Analysis Course 5 Days
17 Urban Farming and Gardening 5 Days Case Studies and Field studies
18 Climate Change Mitigation 10 Days Case Studies
19 Management of Environment and Social Safeguards in Projects 10 Days Case Studies
20 Environmental Sustainability 10 Days Case Studies
21 Climate Adaptation and Resilience 10 Days Case Studies
22 Agricultural Economics and Farm Financial Management 5 Days Case Studies
23 Climate Change Linkages with Food Security Course 10 Days Case Studies
24 Ecosystem Services and Human Well-Being 10 Days Case Studies
25 Nutrition Sensitive Programming And Nutrition Resilience Programming 10 Days Case Studies and Field studies
26 Monitoring and Evaluation for Food Security and Nutrition Course 10 Days
27 Climate Change and Health 10 Days Case Studies
28 Agricultural Disaster Management and Preparedness 5 Days Case Studies
29 Rural Development course 5 Days
30 Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) Course 5 Days Case Studies
31 Seed Technology and Plant Breeding 5 Days Case Studies and Field studies
32 Flood Disaster Risk Management in a Changing Climate Course 10 Days
33 Climate Data Analysis 10 Days Case Studies
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