AutoCAD 2D & 3D Drawings and Practical Projects course

AutoCAD 2D & 3D Drawings and Practical Projects course

# Course Date Duration Location Course fee: Registration
9 01/11/2021 To 12/11/2021 10 Days Nairobi Kenya USD 2,000
10 24/01/2022 To 04/02/2022 10 Days Nairobi Kenya USD 2,000
11 18/04/2022 To 29/04/2022 10 Days Nairobi Kenya USD 2,000
12 11/07/2022 To 22/07/2022 10 Days Nairobi Kenya USD 2,000
13 03/10/2022 To 14/10/2022 10 Days Nairobi Kenya USD 2,000
14 12/12/2022 To 23/12/2022 10 Days Nairobi Kenya USD 2,000


This practical training course covers the essentials of AutoCAD Civil 2D and 3D. Participants will gain skills on how to work with point data in AutoCAD, create and analyze a surface, model ways(roads) and import, export data. Practical exercises shall be administered so that the participants master how to create both 2D and 3D production drawings.

Course objectives:
The course intends to familiarize participants with the concepts and application of the essential function of AutoCAD Civil 3D and the outcomes of the course shall include:

  • Create, edit, analyze surfaces and view surfaces in 3D
  • Create horizontal alignments, profiles, corridors and cross-sections for roads
  • Calculate quantities for earthworks and layer works
  • Create sheets for plan, profiles and cross sections
  • Create intersection and road widening
  • Create grading solutions from multiple objects
  • Create setting out points


10 days

Who should apply?

If you have at least a basic knowledge of AutoCAD and you want to hone your AutoCAD skills with lots of real life and practical practice drawings and projects then this course is for you

Module 1:Introduction and getting started

AutoCAD user interface

Navigation tools

Understanding Co-ordinate system

Limits and display units

Saving settings as drawing template

Practice Question

Getting Familiar with AutoCAD

Module 2:Creating Drawings

·        Making lines

·        Making lines using polar coordinates

·        Circle

·        Arcs

·        Ellipses

·        Rectangle

·        Polygons

·        Introduction to polyline and spline

·        Points and revision clouds

·        Construction line and ray

·        Practice Question

·        Creating Drawings

Module 3:Modifying Drawing

·        Making selection sets

·        Move and Copy command

·        Rotate command

·        Offset command

·        Mirror and Scale

·        Trim and extend

·        Erase, Explode and overkill

·        Stretch command

·        Break and Join

·        Fillet and chamfer

·        Practice Question

·        Modifying drawing

Module 4:Status bar toggles

·        Grid and Snap

·        Polar and Ortho mode

·        Dynamic input

·        Simple object snaps

·        More object snaps

·        From snap

·        More status bar options

·        Practice Question

·        Status bar toggles

Module 5:Drawing Tools

·        Rectangular array

·        Polar array

·        Path array

·        Divide and measure

·        Using multifunction grips

·        Align command

·        Finding Distance, Radius, angle and co-ordinates

·        Finding area

·        Making Isometric drawing

·        Centerline and center mark tools

·        Region and Boolean operations

·        Practice Question

·        Drawing Tools

Module 6:Drawing properties

·        Assigning object color and Linetype

·        Assigning lineweight and transparency

·        Checking object properties

·        Modifying properties using CHPROP command

·        Model space viewports

·        Creating named views

·        Practice Question

·        Drawing properties

Module 7:Hatch and gradient

·        Creating basic hatches

·        Set origin and Associative hatch

·        Using advance hatch features

·        Boundary and wipeout features

·        creating gradients

·        Practice Question

·        Hatch and gradient

Module 8:Managing drawing with layers

·        Creating and assigning layers

·        using layer properties manager

·        Working with layer states and Layer walk

·        Working with layer filters

·        Laymrg and laydel commands

·        Quick access layer tools

·        Hiding and isolating objects

·        Practice Question

·        Managing drawing with layers

Module 9:Dimensioning and annotations

·        Creating basic dimensions

·        DIM command

·        Modifying dimensions

·        Creating dimension style

·        Creating dimension style override

·        Continue, Baseline and ordinate dimensions

·        Adding tolerances and dual dimensioning

·        Adding feature control frame

·        Creating multileader

·        Modifying multileader

·        Creating Multileader style

·        Practice Question

·        Dimensioning and annotations

Module 10:Working with Text and Table

·        Creating single line text

·        Creating text style

·        Creating multiline text

·        Creating and formatting table

·        Creating table style

·        Adding fields and formulas in table

·        Exporting and Importing table to MS-Excel

·        Practice Question

·        Working with text and table

Module 11:Working with Blocks and Groups

·        Creating simple Blocks

·        Inserting Blocks

·        Modifying and redefining blocks

·        Write block and Global blocks

·        Inheritance in blocks

·        Creating and using groups

·        Working with group manager

·        Practice Question

·        Working with blocks and groups

Module 12:Using Attributes

·        Making and modifying attributes

·        Creating and inserting attributed blocks

·        Using fields as block attributes

·        Attribute manager

·        Extracting attribute data

·        Practice Question

·        Using Attributes

Module 13:Working with external references

·        Understanding external references

·        Attaching X-ref

·        Editing and clipping X-ref

·        Managing X-ref with External references palette

·        Attaching PDF and images

·        Transmitting X-ref with eTransmit

·        Practice Question

·        Working with external references

Module 14:Parametric feature

·        Introduction to parametric drawing

·        Infer constraints and auto constraint

·        Using Geometric constraints

·        Using Dimensional constraints

·        Using parameters manager

·        Practice Question

·        Parametric Feature

Module 15:Dynamic Blocks

·        Understanding dynamic blocks

·        Creating Dynamic block from simple block

·        Making and changing dynamic block properties

·        Adding Point and rotation parameters

·        Making dynamic blocks with constraints

·        Adding multiple constraints to Dynamic Block

·        Using Visibility parameter

·        Using Block Table in Dynamic Block

·        Using Array action in Dynamic Block

·        Practice Question

·        Dynamic Blocks

Module 16:Layout, Printing and Publishing

·        Introduction to paper space or layout

·        Page setup for layout

·        Making and clipping viewports

·        Setting scale of objects in viewports

·        Managing layer visibility in viewports

·        Inserting title block and ruler in layout

·        Plotting from model space with proper scale

·        Plotting a drawing from layout

·        Making and using color plot style table

·        Making and using named plot style table

·        Practice Question

·        Layout, Printing and publishing

Module 17:Sheet Set

·        Introduction to sheet set

·        Creating views in model drawings

·        Making title block and template

·        Making label block

·        Making callout block

·        Creating sheet set from scratch

·        Adding sheet views

·        Adding callout blocks

·        Publishing and etransmit sheet set

·        Customization and Collaboration

·        Autodesk design review tool

·        Making a custom AutoCAD panel

·        Layer translator tool

·        Action recorder tool

·        Modifying lin and shape file of linetype

Module 18:Advance Tools and Commands

·        Understanding Annotative property

·        Making annotative objects

·        Design center tool of AutoCAD

·        Using AutoCAD tool palettes

·        Using Quick select tool

·        Using Express tools

·        Troubleshooting drawing and AutoCAD issues

·        Licensing and A360

·        Practice Question

·        Advance tools and commands

Module 19:Making the Floor plan of a House

·        Making the outer and inner walls

·        Adding door window and other blocks

·        Adding wall thickness and text

·        Adding dimension and other annotations

Module 20:Making Elevations from floor plan

·        Adding front elevation

·        Finishing front elevation

·        Adding east elevation

·        Finishing east elevation

Module 21:Adding section views

·        Making East West section

·        Adding details in section view

·        Finishing east west section view

Module 22:Making stair Plan

·        Making top view of stair plan

·        Making front sectional view

·        Adding details in the view

·        Adding dimension and finishing

Module 23:Making Foundation plan

·        Creating Simple foundation plan

·        Adding details and finishing

Module 24:Door bell circuit diagram

·        Making the outline of circuit

·        Adding details and finishing

Module 25:Mechanical Couplings

·        Universal Coupling

·        Oldham's Coupling