Property Law
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Property Law

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# Start Date End Date Duration Location Registration
13 03/06/2024 07/06/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
14 01/07/2024 05/07/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
15 15/07/2024 19/07/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
16 29/07/2024 02/08/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
17 26/08/2024 30/08/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
18 23/09/2024 27/09/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
19 21/10/2024 25/10/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
20 18/11/2024 22/11/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
21 16/12/2024 20/12/2024 5 Days Live Online Training


The Property Law course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects related to property ownership, transactions, and disputes. The course will cover key topics in property law, including property rights, contracts, leases, real estate transactions, and dispute resolution. Participants will gain practical knowledge and skills to navigate the legal framework governing property, ensuring compliance, and effectively managing property-related issues.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

·         Understand the legal principles and concepts relevant to property law.

·         Identify and analyze property rights and interests.

·         Comprehend the legal framework governing property transactions and ownership.

·         Draft and interpret property-related contracts and agreements.

·         Navigate the legal aspects of leases and tenancy agreements.

·         Identify and resolve common property-related disputes.

·         Understand the legal requirements and procedures for property transfers.

·         Comply with regulations and legal obligations related to property management.

·         Apply legal principles to real-world property scenarios.

·         Communicate effectively with legal professionals and stakeholders in property transactions.

·         Mitigate legal risks and liabilities associated with property ownership and management.

·         Stay updated on current developments and changes in property law.

Organizational Benefits:

Organizations that invest in the Property Law course for their employees can expect the following benefits:

·         Legal Compliance: Participants will gain knowledge of property laws and regulations, ensuring compliance with legal requirements in property-related activities.

·         Risk Management: Understanding property law helps organizations mitigate legal risks and liabilities associated with property ownership, transactions, and management.

·         Contractual Clarity: Participants will be equipped with the skills to draft and interpret property-related contracts, minimizing misunderstandings and disputes.

·         Efficient Transactions: Familiarity with property law streamlines property transactions, reducing delays and ensuring smoother processes.

·         Dispute Resolution: Participants will learn strategies for effectively resolving property-related disputes, minimizing legal costs and disruptions.

·         Informed Decision-Making: Knowledge of property law enables organizations to make informed decisions regarding property acquisitions, leases, and investments.

·         Enhanced Property Management: Understanding legal obligations and procedures improves property management practices, ensuring smooth operations and tenant satisfaction.

·         Stakeholder Communication: Participants will be able to effectively communicate with legal professionals, stakeholders, and tenants in property-related matters.

·         Risk Mitigation: With increased legal knowledge, organizations can proactively identify and address potential legal issues, minimizing financial and reputational risks.

·         Confidence in Transactions: Understanding property law instills confidence in employees when engaging in property transactions, resulting in more successful outcomes.

Who Should Attend:

This course is suitable for individuals involved in property management, real estate, or legal professions, including:


·         Property managers and property owners.

·         Real estate agents and brokers.

·         Legal professionals specializing in property law.

·         Property developers and investors.

·         Architects and engineers involved in property projects.

·         Government officials and regulatory authorities.

·         Individuals interested in expanding their knowledge of property law.


5 Days

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Property Law

·         Overview of property law principles and concepts

·         Sources of property law and legal frameworks

·         Key terminology and definitions in property law

Module 2: Property Rights and Interests

·         Types of property rights and interests

·         Ownership and possession of real property

·         Easements, licenses, and other property-related rights

Module 3: Contracts and Agreements in Property Transactions

·         Elements of a valid contract in property transactions

·         Purchase and sale agreements

·         Financing and mortgage contracts

Module 4: Leases and Tenancy Agreements

·         Types of leases and tenancy agreements

·         Rights and obligations of landlords and tenants

·         Lease negotiations and drafting considerations

Module 5: Real Estate Transactions and Transfers

·         Transfer of property ownership

·         Title searches and due diligence

·         Conveyancing process and documentation

Module 6: Property Development and Construction Law

·         Legal considerations in property development projects

·         Building permits and regulatory compliance

·         Construction contracts and dispute resolution

Module 7: Environmental and Land Use Regulations

·         Environmental regulations and impact assessments

·         Zoning and land use restrictions

·         Conservation and sustainability considerations

Module 8: Property Disputes and Litigation

·         Common property disputes and their resolution

·         Alternative dispute resolution methods

·         Litigation process and court proceedings

Module 9: Property Management and Maintenance

·         Landlord-tenant relationships and responsibilities

·         Property maintenance and repairs

·         Evictions and lease terminations

Module 10: Intellectual Property in Real Estate

·         Protection of intellectual property in real estate

·         Copyright and trademarks in property marketing

·         Licensing and franchising agreements

Module 11: Emerging Trends and Legal Issues in Property Law

·         Technology and digital advancements in property law

·         Privacy and data protection considerations

·         Impact of changing regulations and case law

Module 12: Case Studies and Practical Application of Property Law

·         Analysis of real-world property law cases

·         Application of legal principles to practical scenarios

·         Ethical considerations in property law practice

Module 13: Ethical and Professional Responsibilities in Property Law

·         Professional conduct and ethical obligations

·         Confidentiality and conflict of interest

·         Lawyer-client relationship and communication

Module 14: International Property Law

·         Comparative study of property laws in different jurisdictions

·         Cross-border transactions and legal considerations

·         Harmonization efforts in international property law

Module 15: Future Developments and Challenges in Property Law

·         Emerging legal issues in property law

·         Technological advancements and their impact

·         Adaptation to changing societal and environmental needs


General Notes

·         All our courses can be Tailor-made to participants' needs

·         The participant must be conversant in English

·         Presentations are well-guided, practical exercises, web-based tutorials, and group work. Our facilitators are experts with more than 10 years of experience.

·         Upon completion of training the participant will be issued with a Foscore development center certificate (FDC-K)

·         Training will be done at the Foscore development center (FDC-K) centers. We also offer inhouse and online training on the client schedule

·         Course duration is flexible and the contents can be modified to fit any number of days.

·         The course fee for onsite training includes facilitation training materials, 2 coffee breaks, a buffet lunch, and a Certificate of successful completion of Training. Participants will be responsible for their own travel expenses and arrangements, airport transfers, visa application dinners, health/accident insurance, and other personal expenses.

·         Accommodation, pickup, freight booking, and Visa processing arrangement, are done on request, at discounted prices.

·         Tablet and Laptops are provided to participants on request as an add-on cost to the training fee.

·         One-year free Consultation and Coaching provided after the course.

·         Register as a group of more than two and enjoy a discount of (10% to 50%)

·         Payment should be done before commence of the training or as agreed by the parties, to the FOSCORE DEVELOPMENT CENTER account, so as to enable us to prepare better for you.

·         For any inquiries reach us at or +254712260031



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