Team Leader Course
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Team Leader Course

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# Start Date End Date Duration Location Registration
26 03/06/2024 08/06/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
27 01/07/2024 06/07/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
28 29/07/2024 02/08/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
29 26/08/2024 31/08/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
30 23/09/2024 28/09/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
31 21/10/2024 26/10/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
32 18/11/2024 23/11/2024 5 Days Live Online Training
33 16/12/2024 21/12/2024 5 Days Live Online Training


A team without its leader is directionless and incomplete. Everyone wants to be a leader today but being a great leader is not easy. It is like a skill which you develop over time by putting continuous efforts to improve your qualities like communication skills, time management, collaboration, motivation, conflict management, performance management etc. A good leader is always able to extract the best out of his team members and help them grow together.

How will this “Team Leader Training Course” help you in developing your leadership qualities? This course will help you in understanding your true leadership style and the core pillars of leadership. Also, it will help you to impart the techniques and learning in your personality. This is the right course if you have been recently promoted as a team leader, supervisor or looking to upscale your career as a leader or if you are an entrepreneur with a team.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this Team Leader Training Course successfully, participants will be able to:

•       Recognise their true leadership style

•       Display attributes of a leader in front of their teams

•       Develop individual actions of leadership

•       Improve your decision-making skills

•       Manage yourself, your team and your work environment

•       Improve your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as a leader

•       Learn different leadership styles



Understand how to give and receive feedback as a team leader Who Should Attend?

This Team Leader Training Course would be suitable for:

•       Current leaders

•       Project Managers

•       Technical Leads

•       Team leaders

•       Supervisors

•       Line managers

•       Management Professionals

•       Mid level Executives

•       Aspiring leaders

•       Start-up Founders


•       Definition of a Leader

•       Role of a team leader in the organization

•       Leader Vs Boss

•       Why should you become an effective team leader?

MODULE 2: Creating Your Leadership Style

•       Authoritative Leadership

•       Delegative Leadership

•       Participative Leadership

•       Transactional Leadership

•       Transformational Leadership

•       Identify your leadership style- Activity 1

MODULE 3: Importance of Self Awareness



Understanding yourself as a leader

•               SWOT Analysis- Activity 2

•               Managing your emotions in your workplace

•               Being neutral and unbiased MODULE 4: Understanding Your Team Culture ·           What is Team culture?

•               Impact of different cultures in a team

•               Emphasizing on respect and values

•               Understanding cooperation

•               Story- Bundle of wooden sticks

•               Creating a culture of care

MODULE 5: Strategic Planning as a Team Leader

•       Importance of planning as a leader

•       Be Proactive

•       Setting short term goals

•       Setting long term goals

•       Informing the team about the goal

•       Introducing healthy competition and reward

•       Make the perfect strategy- Activity 3

MODULE 6: Conflict Management · Why do conflicts arise?

•       Analyzing the root cause

•       Effective and neutral listening

•       Handling difficult conversation

•       Getting to a resolution

•       Handle your first team conflict- Activity 4

MODULE 7: Time Management

Importance of time management as a leader ·          How to set priorities?

•       Calendar Management

•       Setting deadlines

•       Deliver before the deadline

•       Parkinson’s Law

MODULE 8: Communication is the Key

•       Improving your verbal and written communication

•       Importance of non-verbal communication

•       Be a detailed listener

•       Communication Accommodation theory

•       The art of giving and receiving feedback

•       The motivating team as their leader

•       Give your first feedback- Activity 5

MODULE 9: Performance Management of a team

•       Focussing on solving problems

•       Improving your decision making skills

•       Power of appreciation

•       Developing proactive plan of action

•       Performance management theory

•       Goal Setting Theory

•       Importance of rewards and recognition

•       Conclusion

General Notes

•       All our courses can be Tailor-made to participants' needs

•       The participant must be conversant in English

•       Presentations are well-guided, practical exercises, web-based tutorials, and group work.

Our facilitators are experts with more than 10 years of experience.

•       Upon completion of training the participant will be issued with a Foscore development center certificate (FDC-K)

•       Training will be done at the Foscore development center (FDC-K) centers. We also offer inhouse and online training on the client schedule

•       Course duration is flexible and the contents can be modified to fit any number of days.

•       The course fee for onsite training includes facilitation training materials, 2 coffee breaks, a buffet lunch, and a Certificate of successful completion of Training. Participants will be responsible for their own travel expenses and arrangements, airport transfers, visa application dinners, health/accident insurance, and other personal expenses.

•       Accommodation, pickup, freight booking, and Visa processing arrangement, are done on request, at discounted prices.

•       Tablet and Laptops are provided to participants on request as an add-on cost to the training fee.

•       One-year free Consultation and Coaching provided after the course.

•       Register as a group of more than two and enjoy a discount of (10% to 50%)

•       Payment should be done before commence of the training or as agreed by the parties, to the FOSCORE DEVELOPMENT CENTER account, so as to enable us to prepare better for you.

•       For any inquiries reach us at or +254712260031



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