Information Security and Data Management Course

Information Security and Data Management Course


Vulnerabilities and lack of necessary security skills applicable to today's technology environments have reached a crisis point and therefore, in order to maintain privacy required and to facilitate efficient communication between agencies, issues of information security, interoperability, and data management must be addressed. Information Security and Data Management training equip participants with knowledge and skills on how to integrate truly effective information security and data management best practices and standards to organizations existing processes, technology assets and management.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

·         Security Investment & Measurement

·         Cyber Risk Management & Security Metrics

·         Enterprise Security Governance & Planning

·         Realistic Security

·         Effective Incident Response

·         Managing Operational Threat

·         Developing a Crisis Communications Strategy

·         Building an Insider Threat Program

·         External Dependency Management


5 Days

Who Should Attend?

This course targets employees in the information technology department, managers, and all supervisors in all departments. The course also targets new start-ups that want to learn about information security to ensure their information is protected.

Course Content

Introduction & Overview

·         Introduction

·         Significance of Information Security

Information Security Governance

·         Information security governance

·         Significance of information security

·         Security management programs

Risk Management

·         Introduction to information security risk management

·         Information security risk assessment

·         Information security risk analysis

·         Mitigation of information security risk

·         Continuous information security risk Monitoring

Developing Information Security Strategy

·         Importance/significance of information security strategy

·         Factors to consider while developing Information security strategy

·         Information security Management Responsibilities

Policies, procedures, standards & guidelines

·         Introduction and Liability

·         Policy Basics

·         Policy Lifecycle

·         Best Practices and Guidelines

Information security technology

·         Introduction to information security technology

·         Trusted vs Untrusted technologies

·         VLANs

·         Information Encryptions

Incident management

·         Introduction to Information Security incident management

·         Incident management response lifecycle preparation

·         Intrusion detection technologies and systems

·         Security incident response

Business continuity & disaster recovery

·         Introduction to business continuity planning and disaster recovery

·         Business continuity phases

·         Disaster recovery

·         Recovery strategies

General Notes

·         All Our Courses Can Be Tailor-Made To Participants Needs

·         The Participant Must Be Conversant With English

·         Presentations Are Well Guided, Practical Exercise, Web Based Tutorials And Group Work. Our Facilitators Are Expert With More Than 10 Years Of Experience.

·         Upon Completion Of Training The Participant Will Be Issued With Foscore Development Center Certificate (Fdc-K)

·         Training Will Be Done At Foscore Development Center (Fdc-K) In Nairobi Kenya. We Also Offer More Than Five Participants Training At Requested Location Within Kenya, More Than Ten Participants Within East Africa And More Than Twenty Participant All Over The World.

·         Course Duration Is Flexible And The Contents Can Be Modified To Fit Any Number Of Days.

·         The Course Fee Includes Facilitation Training Materials, 2 Coffee Breaks, Buffet Lunch And A Certificate Of Successful Completion Of Training. Participants Will Be Responsible For Their Own Travel Expenses And Arrangements, Airport Transfers, Visa Application Dinners, Health/Accident Insurance And Other Personal Expenses.

·         Accommodation, Pickup, Freight Booking And Visa Processing Arrangement, Are Done On Request, At Discounted Prices.

·         One Year Free Consultation And Coaching Provided After The Course.

·         Register As A Group Of More Than Two And Enjoy Discount Of (10% To 50%) Plus Free Five Hour Adventure Drive To The National Game Park, In Nairobi Kenya.

·         Payment Should Be Done Two Week Before Commence Of The Training, To Foscore Development Center Account, So As To Enable Us Prepare Better For You.

·         For Any Enquiry At:  or +254712260031

Date: 14/10/2019 to 18/10/2019

Course date, duration and fee

Start Date: 14/10/2019

End Date: 18/10/2019

Duration: 5 Days

Cost: USD 1,000, KES 70,000

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Group Rates DISCOUNTED at (10% - 50%)

# of Days
1. 1 70,000.00 1000.00 900.00 140,000.00 2000.00 1800.00
2. 2 - 11 63,000.00 800.00 700.00 126,000.00 1,600.00 1,400.00
3. 12 - 21 57,000.00 750.00 650.00 114,000.00 1,500.00 1,300.00
4. 22 - 31 54,500.00 700.00 600.00 109,000.00 1,400.00 1,200.00
5. 32 - 41 48,500.00 650.00 550.00 97,000.00 1,300.00 1,100.00
6. 42 - 51 42,500.00 600.00 500.00 85,000.00 1,200.00 1,000.00
7. 52 > Above 35,000.00 500.00 450.00 70000.00 1000.00 900.00

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